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Ripple Wall Paper Cup double wall paper coffee cups wholesale

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High gram of the paper
  • Tight Rim of the cup mouth, to stick the lid very well
  • PLA & PE are possible
  • Flexo Printing
  • 100% wood pulp or bamboo

Product Details

Ripple Wall Paper Cup double wall paper coffee cups wholesale

Single Wall Paper Cups are suitable for all warm and cold drinkings. It is available fully printed with your own design.The size and color of the cup are varied.

Product details

IMG_0985 拷贝.jpg

Ripple insulated paper cups made of triple layers of paper board, and the best heat barrier for extremely hot coffee and beverage.

The size and color of the cup are varied.

Cup Volume            Cup  size  mm    Package Carton size/cm L*W*H

OZ ML                  ΦT * ΦB * H

4oz        110ml 62*46*54           1000pcs/ctn 51.5*33*38 cm

7oz-B 210ml 73*53*80          1000pcs/ctn 37.5*30*45 cm

8oz        270ml 80*54*94          500pcs/ctn 42.5*34.5*48  cm

10oz 360ml 90*60*96    500pcs/ctn 46*37*56  cm

12oz-A 400ml 90*60*110 500pcs/ctn 47*38*60  cm

16oz 480ml 90*60*135 500pcs/ctn 47*38*74  cm

20oz 600ml 90*60*150 500pcs/ctn 47*38*78   cm

22oz 780ml 90*62*168 500pcs/ctn 47*38*84   c

Features & Benefits

1.Description: Ripple Wall Paper Cups made of 3 layers of paperboard, so it can be used for the extremely hot drinking .

2.Capacities: Available in several sizes 4oz ,8oz,10oz,12oz,16oz.20oz,22oz

3.Material: High-quality food grade paperboard, PE lined .

4.Printing: Can be printed up to 6 colours. Both of offset & flexo printing are available with food grade ink .

5.Brand: Provide OEM service. Your logo can be printed on the cups if you like.

6.Certification: SGS, FSC, ISO22000.

7.Package: 50pcs/bag x 20 bags = 1000pcs/ctn.

8.Usage: Ripple Wall Paper Cups are suitable for serving all the hot drinks including tea ,coffee,milk and so on.

9.Benefits: An effective way of carrying hot beverage .Protects hands from heat ,never too hot to take.

xinhua paper cup factory

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